Toppy app - my talking animals - overview

Here's an interesting app called Toppy, my talking animals. So just tap get and then let's see how this app works.

Toppy is an application that allows you to bring your favorite pet pictures to life. It offers limitless customization, allowing you to make any animal picture sing, talk, and more. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, or even a crocodile, Toppy lets you create a message from your pet and send it to everyone.

To start, choose one of your custom pet pictures or upload a photo of your own pet. Then, use facial recognition technology to align your face with the picture. Once everything is in the right spot, record a message and watch as your pet mimics what you say and copies the shapes of your mouth.

But that's not all. Toppy also offers a wide range of filters, outfits, and quirky costumes for you to give your pet a whole new look. Additionally, you can customize your vocal recording in whichever way you see fit.

Opening up the app, you'll be prompted to give access to your camera and microphone. Once inside, you can interact with your pet and record amusing videos. There is also an option to start a subscription for additional features, which costs around 10 US dollars.

The app allows you to upload your own pet photos and add audio to make them talk. You can even change the customization and add additional elements to enhance the experience. What's more, Toppy recognizes when you close your eyes, adding an extra touch of realism.

Overall, Toppy is a fun and entertaining app that brings your pet pictures to life. Whether you want to create hilarious videos or send personalized messages to friends and family, this app offers a range of features to let your creativity shine. So give it a try and let your pets talk!

Key features of Toppy app:

  • Bring pet pictures to life
  • Customizable voices and facial expressions
  • Wide range of filters and costumes
  • Option to upload your own pet photos
  • Real-time interaction with your pet
  • Subscription for additional features
  • Recognizes facial movements for added realism
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