totwoo app - how to add a partner?

The Tutu app is a platform that allows you to connect with your significant other in a unique way. One of the key features of the app is the ability to add a partner and communicate with them through its various functionalities. In this article, we will guide you on how to add a partner in the Tutu app for a seamless experience.

To add a partner in the Tutu app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on the "Add Partner" option: Open the Tutu app and navigate to the main menu. Look for the "Add Partner" button and tap on it to proceed.
  2. Grant access to your contacts: In order to search for and add your partner, the Tutu app requires access to your contacts. Grant the app permission to access your contacts so that you can easily find and connect with your partner.
  3. Search for your partner: Once you have granted access to your contacts, you will be able to search for your partner within the app. Simply type in their name or contact details in the search bar to locate them.
  4. Invite your partner to join Tutu: If your partner is not already on the Tutu app, you will need to invite them to create an account. Tap on the "Invite" button and send them an invitation to download and sign up for the Tutu app. They can use the same phone number you are sending the invitation to for a seamless process.
  5. Setup your device via Bluetooth: After adding your partner, you can now set up your device via Bluetooth. This will allow for a more personalized experience and enable features such as message notifications between you and your partner.
  6. Enable notifications: To stay updated with messages and activities from your partner, make sure to enable notifications in the Tutu app settings. This way, you won't miss any important messages or gestures from your loved one.

Adding a partner in the Tutu app enhances your connection and allows you to stay connected with your significant other in a unique and intimate way. The app's features, including message notifications and personalized settings, create a platform for meaningful communication and expression of thoughts and feelings.

So, if you want to bring your partner closer and let them know what you're thinking of them, follow these steps to add a partner in the Tutu app. Explore the various features of the app and make the most out of this innovative platform designed for couples.

Remember, communication is key in any relationship, and the Tutu app is here to make it both convenient and enjoyable. Start using the app today and strengthen your bond with your partner in a whole new way.

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