Totwoo couple bracelet APP - how to use?

The Totwoo Couple Bracelet App - A How-To Guide

The Totwoo Couple Bracelet is a highly popular gift this holiday season. While the app has been around for a while, it is gaining more traction recently, making it an intriguing and thoughtful gift option. In this article, we will explore how to use the Totwoo Couple Bracelet App and get started with this unique device.

To begin with, you will need to purchase a pair of Totwoo bracelets. Once you have the bracelets, you will need to connect each bracelet to a separate phone. The Tutu app should be installed on each phone. It is important to note that you and your partner will each need to have your own phone and cannot connect both bracelets to a single device. Whether you both have iPhones or Androids, the Tutu app is available for both platforms.

Once the app is installed, creating an account is a simple process. Each individual should create a separate account by entering their phone number and receiving a confirmation code. After successfully creating your account, you can tap on "Add Partner" and select your partner from your contacts. Send them an invitation to join the Tutu app by downloading it on their phone. It is necessary for them to use the same phone number they used during registration.

It is worth noting that you can connect your own device before adding your partner. To connect your device, tap "Next" and enable Bluetooth on your phone. You can then connect the Totwoo device via Bluetooth, similar to pairing any other Bluetooth accessory.

Remember, it is crucial that each person has their own phone and account for the bracelets to function properly. Connecting both devices to one app will not work. If your Tutu account and your partner's device are both connected via Bluetooth, the bracelets should work together seamlessly. You will be able to tap on the bracelets and send messages, vibrations, or other signals depending on the model you have.

One potential challenge users may face is a disconnected device. If your device gets disconnected from your phone, try keeping your phone within range and turning off and on Bluetooth. If problems persist, you can visit the Tutu help center for assistance.

It is important to understand that the Totwoo Couple Bracelet relies on the connection between your phone and the device. Without your phone nearby, the bracelet will function solely as a piece of jewelry without its smart features. Keep this in mind to ensure a smooth experience.

The Totwoo Couple Bracelet App offers additional features such as sending love letters and recording voice messages. You will receive notifications for these actions, but you will need to access the app to view and interact with them. You can also explore more about the app's features and browse different bracelet options within the app.

If, for any reason, you decide to discontinue using the Totwoo Couple Bracelet App, you can easily delete your account and remove your private data from the app.

In conclusion, the Totwoo Couple Bracelet App provides a unique and fun way to connect and communicate with your partner. Rather than relying on traditional methods like texting or messaging apps, you can simply touch your bracelet, and your partner will feel the vibration on their own bracelet. It's an innovative and intimate way to stay connected. So why not give it a try and surprise your loved one with these special bracelets this holiday season?

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