TouchTunes Can you access a jukebox if you are not near?

hey here is TouchTunes app and can you access jukebox if you're not near a jukebox if you're in location if you are traveling so let's just check it out TouchTunes app features as my location section on the map screen the Jukebox you have checked in to produce a little bit displayed is the most recent at the top tab in the location name will grant you access to that jukebox as long as it's online my location list cannot be altered to expanded jukebox you have not checked into previously will not be available for remote play so those Tunes app is only available in US UK Canada so only these three countries at the moment if you are outside of these countries in Europe somewhere in Asia you are not able to use uh that but if you checked in before you will be able to connect remotely so here you see like like location like Copenhagen Europe Denmark uh there are no locations here and that therefore you can't connect if you didn't connect before then you won't be able to see them in your locations

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