TradingView app - easy overview & how to use

Heather here is the trending app in finance called trading view where you can easily track all Mark markets and let's just install it and you can see 160 000 plus ratings here is in top charts in finance chart chat and trade the world in a nutshell we are where the world charts chats And Trades markets or 50 million people use our social network and supercharged super charts to make better brighter decisions when they trade download our app to access freecharge alerts Advanced watch list plus discuss latest trends with other Traders and much much more here's full feature list and you can see that you can discover uh charts watch list you can get access to a lot of data and all of that here you can just see like you can follow all the different stocks uh you can discover and mark up some trading ideas ideas some news analysis alerts and all of that so let's just going here so here you can just see how it looks like you can just see some notifications and then here is your watch list similar as you have on standard stocks app but then yeah for example you can just go and see and track Tesla and then you can just see the performance for example uh uh you can see some news related you can see some uh ideas so like saw some ideas then you can just discuss all of this these people uh all of this is not like a professional device guys I'm not like a professional Trader but for you just to discover the app then you can just follow someone here and to follow someone you just need to to upgrade uh yeah and then you can just see the charts for example for Apple then you can just see ideas then you can just see news and then you can just see menu here uh so yeah enabling dark team um so yeah this is the idea start free trials there is a free trial uh there are settings there are different languages here so yeah that's just basically the app in a nutshell how you can get started you can of course edit your watch list but to access majority of features you will just need to upgrade oh sorry to sign up first so there you have it hope that is helpful

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