TradingView app - how to create an account?

hey everyone so how to create an account in trading view app track all markets so just tap open and basically yeah if you want to do some things you will be prompted to create an account so just go to your menu tab and tap sign in it's easy to sign in with apple Google email Twitter Facebook Yahoo link it in so whatever you like and then yeah you can just create an account with your Apple ID or touch ID and then it's super easy and then yeah you can edit your username you can edit add your Twitter handle because this app is also a bit like uh uh social network so let's just do it and then and then you can just tab save uh so it's just a passive so something is not working either either username is a already take two no yeah so there you had it was just like the username was hard to get but there you have it now you created your account now you can do some more advanced stuff you can like uh see some ideas from people engaging discussions you can follow someone now uh you can message people I guess and then you can see settings here uh yeah then uh there are news and there is menu and yeah so this is the app where you can watch all the different stocks uh you can see their performance you can see some news and then you can see some ideas like related to this stocks there is some conversation going on and then people just discussing different scenarios so it's kind of like social media or just you know like trading nerds are discussing all the you know what which stocks to short or where to invest and all of that of course maybe you you can just go to Reddit to check out uh uh some subreddits but here it's just an interesting app to do that as well so then you just have this and yeah that's basically the idea then you if you want you can upgrade there is upgraded plants you have you can have 1949 per month for the pro to remove ads to have some additional charts customizations and all of that um so yeah this app is really good either for complete beginners or for some more advanced Traders as well

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