Tropical Smoothie Cafe - app overview

hey everyone so here is this trending app Tropical Smoothie Cafe and yeah I recommend you to install this app it's just uh it's just going viral right now in the United States um there is a new deal going on you can get a free Smoothie after a first purchase when you sign up for Tropic rewards use the app to earn Point Storage free sips and bytes Order ahead customize menu items and more so yeah you can just open up the app and uh yeah you can allow notifications okay so anyhow it's only available in us but definitely give it a try at this moment because yeah you can just get a smoothie um just as a reward a free Smoothie so that's kind of what you can do here and Tropic rewards members earn 10 points for every one dollar span when signed in and order in the app scan and the app at the registers Canon to receipt after your purchase redeem points for free menu items so definitely install this app if you're planning to use one of these cafes

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