Truffel app - what is it? Quick preview

here on so here's interesting app which starts to climb in the charts it's called truffle your friends know where to go so I guess this is like one of those social mapping apps similar to Snapchat map or similar to zanley app which was shut down actually I think that's why there are more and more apps like this because everyone trying to beat like alternative to zenly so yeah you just create some favorite places which you want to explore with friends and then create and share AR experiences on the map collect moments with friends lists experiences by friends and all of that so pretty cool app um truffle begins at sxsw 2023 not able to join in on the fun sign up for our wait list to be notified when travel heads to your city so let's just open up seems It's like very early beta Maybe it's only available in a few cities let's go do you have an invite uh so if you have an invite you can just enter it here if you have an account you can just sign in uh you can just sign in with for example with apple but you still probably gonna need an invoice I'm just trying out I don't have any invite uh travel currently is a limited beta please enter your invitation card when asked or joined waitlist and we'll let you know when it's available in your city um so there you have it so then yeah you can just join the wait list just like this your friends know where to go and then from here you can just join the white list yeah and it will begin in Austin Texas probably they just have this like uh gross hacking campaign and then you can just sign up for the wait list so yeah that's basically the idea really hard to be able to expand travel to the rest of the US and Beyond during 2023 so definitely interesting app uh try it out seems it will be pushing a lot during this startup conference in Austin so give it a try

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