TRUST WALLET full overview

hi everyone so here is trust crypto and bitcoin wallet it's one of the most uh popular and most like uh if you say here trust and secure crypto wallets out there also it's one of the login options to for example open cnft marketplace and other websites like blockchain part services and all of that so yeah let's just do a quick overview how it looks like in case you want to consider it because there are alternatives like metamask rainbow and some others so yeah you just go ahead and create your wallet i did another video about that then you will just see the your phrase which is like 12 words you need to really securely store it somewhere and then this is basically your wallet if you want uh to send here it is you can also receive bitcoin and tap on that and then you will see your bitcoin address you can just copy or share it or see a qr code and that's it you can also buy from here [Music] and then you can just buy like this amount of bitcoin and you can just use moonpay uh marker or simplex like using all these providers third-party providers to buy crypto here [Music] so yeah that's about it you can filter what you which assets you see so by default it just shows the main assets but of course you can just enable all everything not everything but what you want and what you like here so and then you will see all your assets like that um so also you can see collectibles i think you can see like nft nifties which you bought somewhere on opencv with this ethereum wallet if you used it to log into openc or wearable or yeah some other marketplaces then there is this cover so you can see these different tokens [Music] yeah all of that um then you can exchange swap exchange um so that's that and then there are settings there is your wallet you can add multiple wallets i think it's free if you want to do it just swipe left and that's how you delete a wallet here you can see the recovery phrase and then yeah you can also export account public keys so that's the idea then there is like a security so you can lock the app you can enable preferences you can see the price alerts you can see what it's connect and connect your wallet with wallet connect to my transactions there is also like helpful community here twitter target on facebook reddit youtube and all of that uh so that's the idea of it uh yeah so there you have it um that's how it looks like that's just a quick preview of trust wallet app hope that was helpful like and subscribe visit mr hack.your website check out my podcast                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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