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Truth Social app seems to be glitchy

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Hello, so quick overview of true social app and seems it's quite buggy. So this app was released on the 21st of February. You could have pre-ordered it earlier and then basically people who did that. They just received a notification from the iTunes store that now that through social app is available for download. But then there are so many bugs and. Yeah, the app collected over 8000 ratings in the first day and the average rating is 4.1 out of five. Why is that? Because there are a lot of bugs, so first. A lot of people just can't create an account. So like the issue is that when you try to add your email address, first of all, some people can't even access like the. Kathy even access the page to create an account. Other people can't, you know, when they enter the email, they can't receive confirmation email and then you need to enter phone number. You can't receive it as a mass verification or something like that. So to solve that, basically when you receive a confirmation email, just the reset link to the true And then just don't go to the website, try to go to app itself. Also what you can do, you can just, you know. Delete app and reinstall it again, so that might help. Yeah, just yeah, delete the app completely, reinstall it. Also, of course it needs understands this a new app and probably will be a huge influx of users in the first day so. That's about it. And you can all, of course go to true social status page dot IO and then. Try to see if there are any issues there because there were some like partly outage or something like that, but probably it will be like that for the first few weeks or something like that until there are some bug fixes and you will just need to go and update it through social app. One of the most common errors is like something went wrong. Caesars notification, something went wrong. Try again, which just prevents you from create your account. Hopefully it will be fixed quickly, but some people got it resolved by uninstalling, reinstalling the app. Then you can just select birthday and email address. Then there is an error confirming the email address. So you can solve that if you just tap on email link, but don't go to through social call website where it's redirects you but just go to the app. Then you can just try to click buttons and maybe you can. Eventually create an account, maybe not. Dan and then there is finally like a waiting list. A lot of people actually. If you read app reviews, super disappointed with waiting list like what's going on. Why is it better than Twitter and people are like we will still continue to use Twitter, but through social app is designed for specific audience for the conservative audience. But like my my review here is not really about that. Yeah, different people have these views on different views and all of that. But yeah, and also another bug is that basically you can't run this app. On a older iPhones and iPhone 7 and on iOS older than iOS 13, so you need to have iOS 13 to run this app and there are some issues for iPhone 6 running older software and of course iPhone 5. There is, there is some red directs to run this app with iOS 12.5, but it doesn't work and also there is no Android version as well. So actually the access is quite limited. At this moment and again about the waiting list, there are specific bugs around that basically, when you create an account then you can be placed like numbers 3000 or something, but then when you check in the few hours then you're like #90,000 and then when you check in the few hours again you can #160,000. So basically the waiting list is just goes in the rewards order so it's quite glitchy. So yeah. Don't know what it can be done, I don't know how long waiting list takes. In my case, I just created an account. I was number 160,000. Then I received confirmation email. A few hours later it was like a #80,000 and then waiting list number doesn't update on the app and I still don't have access so nobody knows like how and when you will have access. Just depends on the influx of users and yeah. So there you have it. And then some reviews are like this app is so glitchy it won't even let me create an account every time I add info like my birthday for example it says please try again later then when I come back a few minutes later it works. I just now put my phone number. It does try again later again. So yeah, so a lot of people disappointed just because of that, because it's kind of glitchy and all of that you can still reach out to their support. Just if you go to the App Store, there is a button to contact app support. Well, you can try to do that. And then it will just redirect you to the website and then the reset button there. Yeah. At 2:00 contact. And at the moment through social is available for you. Ask users only. But rest assured we are working hard to make it available in your country. But yeah, you can try to use VPN or something like that. Maybe it will work out for you, but just use your own sorts. Yeah. And I don't think you can access through social from Canada or from Europe or from UK or from Asia or other regions and countries in the world. So that's also complicated. So basically taking all these factors, it's still quite hard to reach this app and to get access to it. And probably you just need to wait until you can actually get a proper update with all the bug fixes and then only if you are in your ass and only if you have. IPhone older than iPhone 7, so that's basically what you need to get access to. This, uh and of course, even after you will need to wait in the waiting list, probably for a few days if not weeks or months or something like that. Yeah, so maybe that's it. At the moment you can always try like gather or parlor app if you interested in then of course you can just use Twitter or Facebook still use that. So there are of course a lot of social media apps these days. So yeah, that's basically an overview of again, like true, social app is not available on Android. I heard it should be available as a website on It's not. I don't think if you can create an account on So that's that's basically it. Maybe you will be able and then basically similar to website. You can be able to create an account there and then you will be able to, you know. Use it also on Android or Samsung Galaxy or any other phones because it will be accessible through the web browser and then you can just use Chrome browser or something and justice access the app through there. So other than that, yeah, like this app is part of Team TG Corp, so it's like a more like umbrella company. By Trump, which wants to be like a media corporation for the rights mean for the conservative audience. And it not only it creates like a true social app, it also wants to create apps like Disney plus like. Do not like disabled but apps to compete with Disney plus to compete with Netflix so it's on media streaming platform. Apps to compete with Fox News or not, the app just media companies. Uh. So that's that and this team. Did you corpus already can be, it's already sparked and it's already. You can buy stock of it. But yeah, it's already tried then, and at pretty high price at this moment because there is definitely a niche of this kind of audience in the social media, and there is an opportunity. Like a lot of Silicon Valley companies are trying to find this new growth areas and seems that this community of people can be a growth area for social media. So definitely apps like Rumble or this one are exploring, exploring and let's see. Write goals, so that's basically an overview. Hope that was helpful.

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