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Will Trump’s new app create a competition for Silicon Valley giants?

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Hello everyone, so today there is trending topic on Twitter regarding that. Is a preview of true social app. Which is basically a new social media network on the right. So basically, probably hard that Trump was banned from Twitter and from Facebook and from all the social media and that's why it kind of created this view that. Like this, social media are more like left wing and all of that and there is a niche. For this kind of more right wing conservative media, and there was an explosion of social media apps on in that era, like parlor gather. Then ramble, so part of that was famously banned from Google Play Store App Store. Then it kind of returned, but user base never actually turned there. Then there's gather app, you scan the Twitter, then there is rumble, which is kind of tick tock on the right wing and now there is like another app which is true social from like yeah for Trump supporters. Kind of and this account is really posted screenshot through social beta has dropped and Trump is active on his own account. And this app actually screenshot is just looks. Very similar to Twitter. Instead of tweets, you just have truth, truth and replies and media, but the design is super similar to Twitter. Actually, I read somewhere that the first version of this app you suppose just taken from like open source GitHub codebase. Someone just took it. Yep, so. They had bad people posting the screenshots of the first post, so this app is not available yet. So when is it available? You can now preorder it on the on the App Store. IOS App Store and then if you tap reorder it means that the app will auto download. One is available in public. Basically it's asked on the App Store that it will be available on February 21st, so that's that's basically the idea. And Yep, is it available on Android now? It's only on App Store right now it's not on Google Play store. It's not on Samsung Galaxy. And all of that. Nobody knows like. One this app is is actually available for Android. So and also true website wasn't accessible. It failed like you could just see Cloudflare methods that you access denied or something. Uh. So basically on one side, Donald Trump junior, the son of president tweeted screenshot of this screenshot. From that app there is a lot of hype around it. Platform almost looked like Twitter with similar engagement options such like quote and retweet in the post. However, the tweets are referred R truth. And through social is just the part of this of bigger. Like Mediacorp, TMT Trump media technology group with plans for a subscription video on demand service called with Entertainment News and podcasts. I was enjoying all your podcasts and basically you could see there that. Basically. Yeah, this scene. It sounds like you know it's like just Trump app or something like that. But there is a huge niche on the right side and it has to be filled with something. And yeah, like there will be a lot of players, not only Trump, but a lot of people try to feel it and you can see that rumble. Which video app is already like getting 10s of millions of users and they were also offering to buy like Joe Rogan for 100,000,000. So there's definitely going a lot of revenue there. And all of that. But anyway, so team is all in podcast like this host told that it's already can be worth like 1020 billion because. There they are. The corporation which try to fill that niche. But let's see what happens. They're also trying to offer some like media subscription services. And some entertainment news, podcasts and news like they want to reply, not replace Netflix, Disney plus also CNN and also competes with Fox News and have owned Twitter. So let's see how that is developing. So is that true social app free? Seems this app Yep, is should be free. So Yep, there you have it. Uhm? So that's an overview. That's yeah, what what is available online? Uhm? Again, it looks much based like a Twitter clone, but nobody cares because Gator and parallel also look like that. Uh. It is also unclear if true social will be available on the Web or Android. If you just visit the true social website right now, still it's not accessible at this moment, there is only button to pre-orders. Surely app on the App Store and a form you can fill out to join the waiting list. And again, there is some controversy because it's built using Mastodon, so source code which is basically open source code. An October mustard unpublished statement signed through social was in violation of Mastodon software license because. It claimed it was proprietary and because through social didn't share its source code back, Mastodon said it sent formal letter to true social shift legal officer asking that it shared the source code. And then. Through social added open source section to its website. So anyways, that's basically what it is. Let's see how it develops. Like, can you really scale the app like that from from the open source GitHub? So that's that. That's just a quick preview of that. I hope it is helpful and best catch up in the next episodes.

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