Truth Social - NETWORK FAILED Please try again later - error - what you can do?

so when i'm trying to open true social app i see this error it says network filed please try again so what usually this means so yeah you can't access the app and you can't see any information you can go to any tab so this is how it works for me so i noticed that this is actually the case if you try to access through social outside of united states so if you're traveling for example in europe and you created your account in the united states but then you travel in europe and you try to open this up here um then it just you'll see this error so the solution to that that i think at the moment through social is only working in the united states and you can seems like that only get this us app store it's not available to access anywhere else and then you will see this error so that's basically what you can do of course maybe there are sometimes can be like influx of users and there can be like many users trying to access this app and that's why yeah maybe the server isn't working or something around it but there you have it

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