TurboTax app - how it works? Quick guide

so here is Turbo Tax app and basically how it works uh yeah it just helps you out to fill your tax returns and it's one of the most popular apps to do it one of the most reliable it's owned by Intuit which is a huge finance software which also owns QuickBooks Credit Karma a bunch of other finance apps so yeah like you just create your account and then you just have your like you know steps what you need to do first you just need to fill out your personal info then you need to edit your wages and income deductions and credits other tax situations state taxes review and then finish and file so when you create your account you just have like very easy categories like questions do you have a job do you have digital payments income are you self-employed do you have kids are you married do you own a home did you pay rent and a lot of things like that then you just answer yes or no to these things and then based on what you answered you need to upload different documents so it's kind of like simplified process um and you can just do it a lot from just from your phone if you don't have some complicated stuff so you can also just scan your documents and just upload them or you can sync them from like coin buys I think like Robin Hood I think it's possible even to connect like those accounts in Turbo Tax to to easily to easily just fill out your taxes this way and then you can just like more you can see additional settings so yeah that's basically the process in a very quick way so you're not scared of this app then you can always search for some support center you can always reach out to some TurboTax assistant uh you can have like a quick product or then you you can just also have some live tax advice and then probably you'll need to upgrade a to that so that's basically the process what you can do and you know these are the documents and some text tips so which stuff you can learn and yes that's basically just an overview and hope that's helpful just a very quick overview how you go through step by step and just fill it out

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