TurboTax app - using the first time - app overview

here I'm just going through the Turbo Tax app using it for the first time so maybe it will help you out a bit or release some of your anxiety I don't know just if you're trying to start with Turbo Tax app because it can be quite a long process actually so how are you feeling about doing your taxes so then you just enter it up here uh what was your and then like the process is you need to answer a lot of these questions so something like that do you have any of these things since 2022 and come from digital payments job vehicle registration fees Social Security crypto sales or trades bank account interest and then you just select all of this uh all of these things which are available here which you can then fill out so for example and then just continue so all the different categories uh save time by importing your income details directly from your employer financial institution income from your job adjusted gross income so employed income we love finding have new forms self-employed expenses will help you find deduction introductions unique to your type of work great keep going and then basically that's your onboarding process and that's how it all starts uh and then you can add a bit more details like your last name for example you can add to Assassin occupation job title I am a member of U.S armed forces uh uh so all of these details which you can fill out and then just tap continue so yeah and that's just the process how you can start here and then then basically you you have this uh like Journey which you can add just add in your personal info and in your wages income deductions credit other tax situations data access review and then finish in file uh State Texas uh so yeah that's basically that's how it looks like then you just can add all of the documents uh here and they will just appear in one convenient tab your documents are here uh linked accounts uh so also you can have it here then more uh uh that's your account there are additional apps uh and yeah so that's basically the idea you can also link a lot of and import some data from stuff like coinbase crypto.com to this app specifically then there is like a search you can search some keywords you can search for like so here you can see some so here you can see also some details and it's pretty powerful app and then also you can search for assistant contact support then there is some live text advice which you can have here but then you will need to to pay here and if you want you can just upgrade so there you have it that's just a quick preview of TurboTax app what you can expect from this app and how it works

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