Tweet views are now public! New feature overview

so now if you open your Twitter app and you updated it there is a new cool feature uh and like tweet views are now public to all so before this feature was released by Elon Musk you of course you can uh see your Twitter stats but only yourself so only you as a creator of your Tweet you can see a Twitter stats and then people will just start like bragging around Twitter here's my stats I reached like 10 million people over the month so like 50 million impressions or something like that but now you can see it actually for the for the every tweet then you can select 5 million views 21 000 likes uh so that's pretty cool uh and then you can see like right here you can see conversion ratio like that of this how many million views how many likes did you get and all of that uh so yeah something like that uh pretty interesting feature you don't need to upgrade to Twitter blue or anything you can just see it yourself uh so then if I just go to my profile uh I can see some views but uh uh yeah like probably it will be just nice feature uh yeah so there you have it

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