Twitter Blue cancelled - how to resubscribe?

so your Twitter blue subscription got canceled uh because for example you didn't pay for it or you just forgot to buy or there was some issue and then if you just then just go to your Twitter account again there is no Twitter blue there is no verification check mark and then you're like uh yeah why why is that um and then how to get it back so what you need to do is just if you go to settings you can still go to your subscriptions and then there there is an option if you just go to Twitter or okay you will see that's the issue why blue check mark is gone and then probably you just need to update your payment method in your iCloud settings and that's how you can restore your Twitter blue subscriptions and then you will get your blue check mark back um so that's what you can do because I was just searching here in the menu and it's not uh it's not in the menu you can't just go and re-subscribe like that

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