TWITTER BLUE CHECKMARK - how long to wait to get a blue checkmark after upgrading?

how much time do you need to wait to get a verified Twitter blue check mark so I'm just created a video and I actually a lot of people reaching out to me like asking this because people upgraded that's not cheap like eleven dollars per month on iOS and it's not instant to be clear like if you upgrade it you shouldn't you're shouldn't expect to get blue check mark instantly like in or in few minutes in my case I waited for around a week like so I just upgraded to Twitter let me just uh I'll show you this so here is Twitter and now I finally have this blue check mark as you can see and I have Twitter blue um so when I upgrade it to Twitter blue it just was saying like uh we are verifying your account uh yeah enjoy verified account and blue check mark once you've been approved so I'm already approved for that but it wasn't one day it was in two days it was more like a week I don't remember exactly but something around it so don't expect it to happen in one or two days and some people say for them it's taken like multiple weeks or even a month like I don't know how it depends or what of that but in my case it took around the week which is pretty annoying because you upgraded you paid money and that's the main feature where you want to see the blue check mark it's not arriving and yeah so actually a lot of people were reaching out to me on Twitter asking like how much time did it get for you and all of that yeah around the week um I don't know which factors does it depend or all of that um I didn't send any requests to Twitter support or I didn't read anything I just upgraded and I was then after that I was waiting just doing some other stuff and then just appeared I didn't receive any like you know email or some hey your account is finally verified or something like that I just randomly logged back in on Twitter and then you see a blue check mark in around the week so that's probably what you can expect I don't know which other factors are considered uh my Visa can request some additional information or I don't know maybe you need to double check that you can verify your mobile number or something like that uh yeah so that's basically the idea I also have another brand a Twitter account like a company account and I don't even have an option to upgrade to Twitter blue there I don't know what's the issue so that's I'm just sharing my experience if you have any other suggestions feel free to share your experience how much time do you did you need to buy together blue verified check mark

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