Twitter Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program - what is it? How much can you earn with Twitter?

Twitter Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program - What is it? How much can you earn with Twitter?

Twitter has announced the launch of its creator ads revenue sharing program, expanding its monetization offering for creators. This program allows creators to earn a share of the ad revenue generated through replies to their posts. The aim of this initiative is to provide creators with the means to make a living directly on Twitter.

The program is set to be rolled out more widely later this month, and all eligible creators will have the opportunity to apply. Eligibility criteria for the creator ads revenue sharing program include being subscribed to Twitter Blue or being a Verified Organization, as well as having a minimum of 5 million impressions on posts in each of the last three months. Creators can easily check their post impressions through Twitter Analytics.

Once approved, creators will need to have a Stripe account for payouts, as Twitter has partnered with Stripe for this purpose. The program will initially be launched for the first batch of creators who have signed up for creator subscriptions.

To participate in the program, creators will also need to adhere to Twitter's creator subscription policies. These policies are put in place to ensure a fair and transparent environment for both creators and users.

Twitter is planning to launch an application process for ads revenue sharing, where creators will be able to apply for both the creator subscription and creator ads revenue sharing programs.

This new feature presents an interesting opportunity for creators to monetize their content on Twitter. It remains to be seen how this program will perform and how much creators can actually earn through the ads revenue sharing program. We will be eagerly following its progress and testing out its functionality.

If you're a creator looking to earn from your Twitter presence, stay tuned for more information on how to apply for the creator ads revenue sharing program.

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