Twitter EDIT BUTTON quick preview

here is some preview of Twitter edit button it's one of the most requested features in Twitter in all history of Twitter and they just announced it on first September and this is a screenshot which may look a lot like an edited tweet that's because it is and you could be seeing more of them soon so you see like a tweet here this is an edited tweet we're testing it you can see last edited at this time and there you have it so this added bit option is being tested by team internally and then test will be expanded to Twitter blue subscribers in the coming weeks so it won't be available to everyone on Twitter but it will be available to Twitter blue subscribers so you can basically of course you can change a tweet after it's been published uh yeah think of it as a short period of time to do things like fixed typos Miss stacks and more uh tweets will be able to be edited few times in the 30 minutes um following their publication added it tweets will appear with an icon timestamp and label so it's clear the readers that the original tweet has been modified and then you will see the added history which includes past version of the Tweet so again you will only have like 30 minutes to do that and Facebook on Facebook this feature is already implemented long time ago and then you just tap and see all the edits in the edit section so there you have it first it will be tested with a smaller group like any new feature and later this month meaning later in September it will be expanded to all Twitter blue subscribe to some Twitter blue subscribers uh tasks will be localized to a single country at first so probably maybe you ask or some UK or something like I don't know so it only will be in one country as well I don't know which one and there you have it so this is just like quick readout of their Twitter blog but it's quite exciting let's see if it will change Twitter forever or not some people are completely against it because it ruins all the point of Twitter that you just type the tweet and then that's it and then you don't see added history uh uh like yeah because you can get some likes and change context get again some likes and all of that and like it can be a mess but that's it like let's see how it develops what do you think leave your suggestions in comments

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