Twitter Official badge now gone!

so Twitter official badge is now gone it was a feature uh developed and shipped really fast so you could see on like on accounts which previously had a blue check mark because blue check mark will now be available to everyone who upgrades uh so you would see on this former blue check mark accounts official uh check mark which would be just under your Twitter username so that's would be that and it was just shipped uh so the previous check mark that shows next to your profile in your place and Retreats and everywhere else it means you have Twitter blue subscriber the other one official only shows up on certain profiles and on timeline um so it created a lot of confusion people were like not understanding what's happening and what's uh going on here and then literally in less than a day this feature is was gone and then Elon Musk just read it like I just killed it uh blue check will be the great level leveler and then you can see like please note that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in the coming months you will keep that what worse and change what doesn't so now you still have a blue check mark uh uh and nobody knows like what will happen to accounts who are like uh yeah who are like uh you know government officials or like any other accounts for like artists like how to know which of those accounts will be uh official and which not so that's basically it let's let's explore

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