Twitter Spaces - overview

Twitter Spaces - overview

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a new feature in Twitter – it is basically an audio chat.

Seems it is a Twitter’s response to Clubhouse – another social media audio app, which is blowing up right now and adding millions of users at super fast rate.

It is still in test mode and is rolling out just to selected users.

How to join a conversation in Twitter Spaces?

Again, Twitter Spaces arestill not available to everyone. So, only if you are following someone who is a beta tester, you might see a colored popup in the top left of your Twitter home feed.

To join a conversation, just tap on purple the bar in the top.

Twitter Spaces

Then you can select to join as a Listener or a Speaker.

Join Twitter Spaces

Here is the process.

I would suggest to follow Sam Sheffer on Twitter – he has an early access and by following him, you will be able to see Twitter Spaces notifications.

Twitter Spaces overview

I just created a quick video overview of Twitter Spaces.

Of course, seems it is not a finished product. But, it feels really good – sound quality is great, intuitive UI, no big bugs, conversation flow is good – what else you need?

Overall, it looks quite similar to Clubhouse 😁.

After joining a Twitter Space (you can join as speaker or listener), you will see a collection of Twitter profile pics. Some of participants are speakers, others – listeners. You can request to be a speaker by tapping on mic icon in the bottom left.

In the bottom right, there are settings, emojis and sharing.

In settings you can access Transcriptions (unique feature, not available on Clubhouse), share feedback to @TwitterSpaces team, view Transcriptions, or Report Space.

You can react with emojis and invite other people to join a Twitter Space.

How to invite people to join Twitter Spaces?

While you are in the Twitter Space, tap on the share icon in the bottom right.

You will see three options to invite other people to Twitter Spaces:

  • Invite via Twitter DMs
  • Share vie Tweet
  • Copy link

how to invite to twitter spaces

What are unique Twitter Spaces features (which are not on Clubhouse)?


In Twitter Spaces you can request to see transcripts. Just tap three dots in the bottom right and then select to View transcriptions. You will be able to see transcriptions of conversations in Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces transcriptions


In Twitter Spaces you can react with emojis. If you tap on the heart icon in the bottom right, you will be able to select from different emojis and react. While you react, emojis will replace your Twitter profile pic.

How to request to speak in Twitter Spaces?

How to copy a link to Twitter Space?

How to invite via DMs to Twitter Space?

How to share Twitter Space via Tweet?


When Twitter Spaces are available to everyone – No idea 🙂

Is it better than Clubhouse? – It feels and looks great!

How to test our Twitter Spaces? – Follow @samsheffer on Twitter, reach out to @TwitterSpaces

How to contact Twitter Spaces support? – Reach out to @TwitterSpaces


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