Uber app Dynamic Island tracker on iOS16 - overview

hey everyone here is Uber app and they recently updated it a lot so feel free to download it and check it out and specifically there are some new features for iOS 16. uh uh so you can now add a lock screen widget meaning so if you have IOS 16 installed on your iPhone yeah you can actually see how the car is arriving just on your lock screen which is pretty cool feature and when your phone is unlocked you can see it in your Dynamic Island so basically how to install lock screen widget yeah you can just lock your screen and then tap and hold and tap customize or you can just go to settings and then you can search for wallpaper and then tap customize on your screen add widgets and then here you can just search for Uber but yeah I guess you just need to log in with your account but yeah that's that's the idea that you can just install uh Uber lock screen widget and then you will be able to track the driver I just read it out here in this in a gadget story so but Uber puts a right tracker on the iPhone lock screen app now supports iOS 16's live activities feature and then you can see something like this it's pretty cool like you can see estimate destination when the drivers is arriving when your taxi is arriving just on your lock screen so it's pretty easy and convenient like you don't need to you know open your phone with face idea Touch ID open the app tap on the screen like you know there's like three clicks here you just instantly see it of course it may sound like too lazy but it's actually a pretty cool user experience I think with this lock screen widgets so yeah just um try it out with iOS 16 or you can also have it on Dynamic Island

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