Uber Pro Card app - what is it? How to apply for a card?

If you're an Uber driver or courier, you may have heard about the Uber Pro Card app. But what is it exactly, and how can you apply for a card? Let's take a closer look.

The Uber Pro card is a specific card designed for drivers and couriers on the Uber app. With it, you can earn rewards and cashbacks on essential expenses such as refueling, along with exclusive deals and discounts.

The Uber Pro card is a business debit MasterCard and checking account powered by Branch. Exclusively for drivers and couriers who use the Uber driver app, it can be used to pay for purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

One major benefit is the up to 7% cashback on gas, with even higher cashback percentages available to drivers with higher Uber Pro statuses. You can simply use the map provided within the Uber Pro Card app to find the gas stations participating in this program.

Additionally, you can earn cashbacks for paying for guests with your Uber Pro Card at any gas station in the city. The higher your Uber Pro status, the more cashback you'll receive.

Another compelling feature of the Uber Pro card is free automatic cashouts and a backup balance of up to $150, which can be accessed when you need it most.

To apply for the Uber Pro card, you'll need to have an Uber driver account and be verified, so make sure you have everything in order before applying. Once you have a verified Uber driver account, you can sign up for the Uber Pro Card app using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

It's worth noting that the Uber Pro card is only available to those who use the Uber driver app for their work - it's not for people looking to order rides as a passenger.

In summary, the Uber Pro card is a potentially valuable tool for Uber drivers and couriers. With cashback on gas and other benefits, it's worth exploring if you're eligible.

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