Uber referral code - how to use

Uber referral code - how to use

Uber referral code so in my account if I go in account in the like top part there is invite friends to Uber each of you will get uh this amount of 55 Uber rides. This is Swedish Kona I don't know it's amount like around $15 so yeah feel free to use my code this is my code in the bottom.

So for each friend you successfully uh invite to complete their first Uber trip, you will get this amount of your next five uh Uber trips. So basically you will get 600 sa for each referral, so it's almost like $100. Right so uh, so you get this for your next five Uber trips um, and then offer valid for first 30 days.

If you use my code you also get this discount for valid for 30 days. So yeah, this is a win-win deal for you so just feel free to use my code and uh, yeah just enter this code. It's a really amazing deal if you're using Uber a lot and uh, yeah, definitely try it out again.

You need uh basically um uh that's uh, you can refer anyone who has not already already booked and completed an Uber trip. So uh, basically you should be a new Uber user. If you're already using Uber I don't think you can basically use this referral code so if you have some friends you know who don't have Uber account but yeah yeah located in the city where there is Uber they can save some money for sure so use my referral code uh yeah.

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