Uber recently introduced a new feature called Uber Safety Checkup, aimed at enhancing the safety of its users. This feature allows you to boost your safety profile by enabling additional safety features within your account. Here is an overview of what you can expect from the Uber Safety Checkup:

  • Safety Preferences: You can now choose and schedule your favorite safety tools through the app.
  • PIN Verification: Users can utilize PIN verification to enhance security. A unique code is generated for each trip, which the driver must enter to start the trip.
  • Share Trip Status: This feature enables users to share their trip status with contacts, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Driver Safety Standards: Uber emphasizes the importance of driver safety standards to ensure a safe and secure ride for passengers.

These new features aim to provide users with added security and peace of mind while using the Uber platform. By leveraging these tools, both passengers and drivers can contribute to a safer and more reliable transportation experience.

In addition to these features, Uber also offers assistance options during the ride. Users can access trusted contacts, share trip status, and utilize PIN verification to verify rides and ensure they are getting into the right car.

Uber continues to prioritize safety by implementing innovative features and standards to protect its users. By understanding and utilizing the Uber Safety Checkup, passengers can take proactive steps to enhance their safety while using the service.

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