UFO GAMING TOKEN has grown 10000+% in the last 4 months - podcast

UFO GAMING TOKEN has grown 10000+% in the last 4 months
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What is an UFO Gaming token? Where can you buy it?

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Hey everyone. So in this episode of the podcast, let's focus on this interesting crypto token. By the way, I will just do more episodes about interest in crypto tokens because that's why a lot of people searching right now. That's what people are really excited about because it's awesome. November and crypto is booming.

Of course, last week or so it's going down. It's 19. But anyway, if you're in the crypto game for long term, it's still interesting to explore all these tokens, all these ideas and not just Bitcoin iterium, but all these apps and different use cases which are growing. So you forgaming you can go to Uforgaming IO like the price of this stock and recently Skyrocketed. And this is what is called e to ematavers.

So it's like play to earn games, which is the new gaming model taking the wall by storm and they start on their website that you four gaming will be the corner piece, one planet, one game, an Evergrown ecosystem of play to earn games.

As they say here. Like UFO gaming, we collaborate with traditional gaming companies to integrate them onto the blockchain and develop new blockchain and gaming features. Each game will have its own governing planet. We will run virtual and options where people can purchase their own piece of that planet and earn revenue from the game by completing specific tasks. In the future.

These pieces of land can be used to build infrastructure for that planet, such as spiritual MFC stores, collection galleries, weapon stores and Visa NFCs from the game. So there are already games like Super Galactic and you can actually register on their website.

So it's super interesting because of course there are already some games where you can just play and earn some tokens by participating in that game. But here it's just on more deeper level and I think it's super cool idea.

There are so many more ways to monetize in the Web Street world in the blockchain world games. So there are Janice's NFC for example, so you can get some nifties. So that's like the very first edition of the NFC character from the game and this will hold exceptional value and will be scars. Only 10,000 of these will ever be minted through the Super Galactic stake in depth during our generic event so you can get them. Then there are like two token systems.

Ufo will be governance token. Uip will serve as a second token which people can earn. We are completing in game quests tournaments and our future PDP battle model. Then there is rating system.

So the character player who is more active will get a better rating and allowing them to earn more UAP and access more challenging game content.

Uap and UFO will be needed to breathe characters. Characters can be used to play in game or trade it in house NFC marketplace. Then there is NFT Marketplace. Super Galactic will have its own Nt marketplace or players can trade characters, weapons and other in game items with UFO. So that's that's cool.

So that's basically the idea. I think it's actually really amazing. So just if you didn't hear about it, just check out this token. Ufo gaming. It's super interesting and you can get it by on uni swap shipboard, swap gate MXC and BitMart app.

You can't get it on the Coinbase, I guess. Or Coinbase exchange. You can see it on the ether scan so that's that's the token.

I can just leave my email here to get registration and be one of the first like to get access to Super Galactic Beta. So that's basically the first game where this model will be tested. I guess. So why? Overall matter works and all this upstream world is interesting because it introduces new business models as part of this centralization.

You can monetize your games and you can give access to creators and developers in a new way.

And like UFO gaming, Token is just one of the one of the starts there, so that's actually super exciting. You can follow them on Twitter. Ufo Gaming is a full, decentralized, intergalactic social gaming token blockchain play to earn money and will show an NFC gaming ID or all in one place. So that's interesting and just follow them.

Token UFO gaming just has grown more than like 100 times in the last four months. So yeah, it has become more expensive, more than 10,000%. So it's like 100 times increase.

Gaming matters again.

So that's actually pretty cool. So definitely take a look at this token. I think it's amazing token. So try it out. That was just a peak.

Overview. Check out my YouTube channel. Youtube. Com. Check out my blog mrhack.io and let's meet up in the next episode.

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