UMAX APP - become hot - how to use? Full overview - latest version

UMAX APP has become a trending sensation, claiming top spots in both the App Store and TikTok charts. So, what exactly is all the buzz about? In essence, the UMAX APP allows users to upload three selfies: a front-facing selfie, a side-angle selfie, and another side selfie. Once uploaded, the app provides an analysis of your attractiveness, offering a rating based on various factors.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this app:

  1. Start by creating a scan within the app by tapping on the scan option.
  2. Upload your three selfies for analysis.
  3. To access a free scan, invite three friends to use the app.
  4. Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade to the pro version for additional features.

Upon completing the scan, you will be presented with detailed information including your overall score, potential, masculinity score, skin quality, jawline, and cheekbones. The app also offers various modes for different ratings and comparisons with others.

New features have been recently introduced to the app, enhancing the user experience. These features include a daily tab where users can track their progress, streaks to monitor ratings and potential, as well as the option to receive a daily glow-up routine for a fee of $4 per scan.

For those looking for an even more detailed analysis, there is a "10 out of 10" tab that requires uploading five selfies instead of three. This option provides more in-depth results and suggestions for improvement.

In the settings section of the app, users can find their referral code, switch between genders (suitable for both men and women), and upgrade to the pro version for $4 per week. The pro version offers additional benefits but comes with a cost for each scan.

Additionally, the app provides a "Learn More" section that offers guides and tips on how to enhance your appearance and improve your overall score.

In conclusion, the UMAX APP offers a unique way to analyze and enhance your appearance. With its range of features and detailed analysis, it provides users with valuable insights to help them in their glow-up journey. Give it a try and see where you stand!

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