Umax app - even after upgrade you can do ONLY ONE reveal per week!

In the world of selfie apps, there is always something new and exciting to try out. One such app that has gained traction recently is Umax. However, there is one particular aspect of this app that has left users divided - the limited number of reveals per week, even after upgrading to the premium subscription.

According to a recent video transcript, the narrator explains that even with the premium subscription, users are restricted to only one scan per week. The narrator demonstrates this by doing a scan and showcasing the cool results. It is evident that the app has some promising features to offer.

The catch, however, is that if a user desires to perform additional scans within the same week, they will have to make a one-time payment for each subsequent scan. This payment is equivalent to the price of a weekly subscription. Thus, it appears that Umax is trying to strike a balance between offering a limited number of scans for free and generating revenue through additional scans.

While this approach may make sense from a business perspective, it does have implications for users. The limited number of scans means that users have to be cautious when selecting the selfies they want to scan. Once a scan is done, they cannot change the result or redo the scan until the following week. This restriction may be frustrating for users who wish to experiment with different selfies or explore the full potential of the app.

As with any app or subscription service, it is essential for users to be aware of the limitations and costs involved before committing to it. In the case of Umax, potential users should take into consideration the restricted number of scans and the need for additional payments for extra scans.

In conclusion, Umax is an app that has gained popularity, but it comes with a restriction that users should be aware of. The limited number of reveals per week, even after upgrading to the premium subscription, can be a hindrance for those who want to explore the app's features more extensively. Be sure to weigh the benefits and limitations before deciding to use this app.

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