Umax Face Rating app - how to use? Full review

Today, we will be reviewing the Umax Face Rating app, a popular application that uses AI technology to analyze your facial features and provide you with a rating. The app, known as Maximize Your Looks or Become Hot, is currently in active development. However, we have upgraded to Umax Pro to give you a sneak peek of its functionalities.

As an AI-driven app, Umax requires users to upload three selfies: a front-facing selfie, an angled selfie, and a side selfie taken from the ear. The app then analyzes these photos to generate an overall rating and provide feedback on areas that can be improved. It's important to note that Umax is suitable for both male and female users, unlike its male-only counterpart, Looks Max AI.

While the average rating is not disclosed, users often wonder how their scores compare to others. Unfortunately, this information is not available within the app. Now, let's dive into the app's interface and features.

When opening the app, you'll notice that a paid upgrade is required; there is no free trial available. While this may disappoint some users, the weekly subscription pricing varies depending on the country and iTunes store. In Denmark, for example, the cost is approximately $4 or 39 Danish Kronos. It's essential to be aware that the paid subscription allows only one scan per week. Additional scans within the week require an additional purchase.

Once you've uploaded your selfies, the app will display various ratings related to overall potential, masculinity, skin quality, jawline, and cheekbones. Additionally, Umax provides an analysis of your face shape, eye type, control tilt, and other facial elements, although the significance of these specific features is not clear. The app also offers personalized recommendations to enhance your appearance, such as grooming eyebrows, starting a skincare routine, and growing a thicker beard.

It's important to note that these recommendations may vary depending on individual facial traits and characteristics. The potential rating indicates what you can achieve if you follow the suggested improvements.

Despite its usefulness, Umax is considered quite expensive. Similar to other AI avatar apps, it requires a one-time purchase or a weekly subscription fee. Given the high operational costs associated with running AI models, this pricing structure is understandable. However, it's worth mentioning that once you upload your selfies, you cannot redo the scan or replace the photos within the week. This limitation highlights the importance of careful consideration when using the app.

In conclusion, the Umax Face Rating app offers users a unique way to analyze their facial features and receive personalized recommendations for enhancing their appearance. Though the app comes at a cost, it has garnered attention due to its AI-driven technology. Remember, there is no free trial available, and if you decide to subscribe, be mindful of the limitations and costs associated with additional scans.

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