Umax free alternative so what are the free apps which are like umax so I tested like many apps like umax and I will just show you summary for you so here's umax app it's in top charts but like it requires that you pay or you need to invite three friends which is quite complicated because your friends are not getting anything they just need to you know enter your referral code and you get a free scan only one free scan and your friends don't even get free scan so the r list app looks Max AI by Monybrain so looks like exactly for this app and yeah, this is basically the free alternative.

What it means is that you go to this app and you upload your photos and you get this screen for free. So you don't get the full analysis for free but at least you get this screen and then you get some additional things here and then you have like that's the result which I got completely for free. However, if you want to see detailed analysis and all the suggestions then you need to upgrade and then the price is like that's just the price price in Danish CR I don't know, it's like $5 or $4 per week. So, then, it's paid but at least you're getting this initial result for free and then you can share it on Snapchat, Instagram wherever you want also you can delete the result and I guess you can generate another result for free. So, this is the top free alternative as for me.

  1. Max AI by Monybrain
  2. Umax (with very limited free version)

Then there are a bunch of other new apps here which are built by solo developers and you can try a bunch of those. They all have the same name umax or l maxing it's more letters or less letters and some of these apps they want to get traction and therefore they are offering some nice deals and promotions like you can get some nice free results for one month and then this app becomes paid. So, try all these new apps but basically, this one by Roman racing, remembers this app icon it offers a free trial so it's not free but basically if you try to generate it, it will get you maybe it will even get your result but eventually these apps are free but only with a free trial so as you can see here, there is a free trial for three days eventually it's only two days but you can use it for free but then you will be charged if you continue to use it.

Another one is Umax by this developer, it offers a kind of free result like this it doesn't look that well but it offers you initial numbers here and offers you your analysis and some basic recommendations and then if you want to use it, you need to upgrade and then eventually it's also quite cheap so I think it's one of the cheapest ones here.

These are the apps I actually tried so okay let's try another one, it's called Max U scan Outlook, I would also suggest you to be quite careful with some of these apps because a lot of them just have one review or no reviews at all and then you know if you upload many photos there then it's your personal data nobody guarantees you anything so just be careful.

Max U scan Outlook paid

If you find some another useful app in this category just leave it in the comments below. It would be interesting to know. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to my channel, join my channel and see you in the next videos.

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