Umax invite 3 friends - how to use for free

Umax recently introduced a new feature that allows users to invite three friends and use the app for free. In a recent video transcript, it was explained how users can take advantage of this feature. By inviting three friends and sharing the invite code, users can unlock access to the app without any cost.

This new feature provides a great opportunity for users to experience the benefits of Umax without having to pay for it. By following these simple steps, users can start inviting their friends and enjoying the app for free:

  1. Open the Umax app on your device.
  2. Look for the option to invite friends within the app.
  3. Generate your unique invite code.
  4. Share the invite code with three of your friends.
  5. Instruct your friends to tap on the invite link and use the code provided.
  6. Once three friends have successfully used your invite code, you can enjoy using Umax for free.

By leveraging the power of social connections, Umax is offering a creative way for users to access their app without any financial burden. This strategy not only encourages users to invite friends but also helps in expanding Umax's user base through word-of-mouth promotion.

If you are a Umax user looking to explore this opportunity, make sure to follow the steps outlined above and start inviting your friends today. Enjoy the benefits of Umax for free and make the most out of this exciting new feature!

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