Umax scan complete - see your results now

Upon receiving a notification prompting the completion of a scan, users are now able to access their results instantly. The process involves tapping on the notification to view the outcomes of the scan. The availability of this feature comes as a result of referring three friends to the application. This referral system grants users a complimentary scan, free of charge. It is essential to note that this is a one-time offer and does not entail a recurring subscription fee or provide lifetime access to the app.

In summary, users can enjoy a single scan for free by leveraging the referral program within the application. The user interface allows for a seamless copy-and-paste action to access the referral code, located conveniently at the top right corner of the screen. By following this straightforward method, users can unlock the benefits of the app without incurring any additional costs.

Features of utilizing the app for free:

  • Instant access to scan results
  • Referral system for obtaining a complimentary scan
  • No recurring subscription fees
  • Convenient retrieval of referral code
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

In essence, the application offers users the opportunity to utilize its services at no cost by simply engaging with the referral system. By capitalizing on this promotional feature, users can experience the functionalities of the app without financial constraints.

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