“Unavailable because you have more secure options to sign in” - how to solve?

unavailable because you have more secure options to sign in so this is a new Google policy uh which is becoming super annoying for some users and I also had this issue recently um so um like how how it um how you can solve it so basically if you have an account uh and you want to uh you want to add additional account uh you want to sign in uh like here and then you try to sign in with some account and then usually if there is two Factor authentication uh you just need to you know there is your phone number attached and you need to basically receive SMS message from your phone number and then you confirm and then you sign in so that was like the standard way but for some some people like Google started to disable this feature I don't know what's going on but that's what Google started to do like around like few months ago uh why is it happening I don't know Google tried to tries to do more secure signin options and stuff like that so yes that's just what's happening and uh it's becoming super annoying because more secure option to sign in is some like push notification on your other device and my issue was that like push notification never arrived on that other device also another more secure option is that you need to find some Google code in your uh Settings app on other device and also I couldn't find that option so for example that can be the case that your other device is some older phone older iPhone or older Android phone which can be like especially older Android devices which can be like 3 years old which have some old like Android system and like uh their notification just not arriving or like you know it's just not happening and therefore you just can't sign in so it was exactly what happened to me uh So eventually I was able to sign in how um like you need to use your phone uh just try to use it in the same location on the same Wi-Fi network in the same place as you used your previous device uh this way you can get like a if you try to reset uh your password for example you will get an OP additional option so you need to again try to sign in from that device uh and try to tap get help uh or try to tap recover my password try to use like forgot my password forgot email and try to recover that but only do that from the same Wii uh same room same apartment uh you to like signed in with your previous old device and then if you do that you will get some additional recovery option like you can get like send a recovery code to my email or uh like um um you know sometimes it just uh provides uh hey you can send you an a text message but it doesn't appear as a first option but only after you tap like get help or forgot password again it should be on the previous old Wi-Fi and then you you will eventually get like an option to send SMS so that's how I solved it uh because if you're using or your new phone and you try to sign sign into to your Google email but you're using this new phone on the new Wi-Fi on a new location then it's just not possible Google will lock you out and it won't provide an option to send an SMS for example if you bought a new phone on your vacation you're traveling somewhere in Italy but you live in USA and you try to sign into a Google account from Italy like Google just won't allow you to do that that's like super weird it will send like this push notification it doesn't arrive um like and then you're just not going to have an an option so uh yep

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