Underdog Fantasy Sports app - withdraw through Interchecks takes too long

If you're a user of the Underdog Fantasy Sports app and have been experiencing delays when trying to withdraw through Interchecks, you're not alone. Some viewers have been asking why it takes such a long time to complete the withdrawal process using Interchecks. Fortunately, there's an alternative method that can save you time and frustration.

For faster withdrawals, I would suggest opting for PayPal. Underdog Fantasy Sports supports PayPal as an option for withdrawing money. To use PayPal, simply go to their platform, enter your PayPal email, specify the amount you want to withdraw, and you should be all set.

It's worth noting that Underdog Fantasy Sports does not currently support bank transfers or other payment platforms like Stripe or Payoneer. The only withdrawal option available, apart from PayPal, is Interchecks. However, based on feedback from my viewers, Interchecks has been causing significant delays and frustration.

Considering this, I highly recommend using PayPal as the preferred method for withdrawing funds from Underdog Fantasy Sports. The convenience and speed associated with PayPal make it a much more efficient option.

It's important to mention that the Underdog Fantasy app is currently gaining popularity and climbing the charts. Whether they are running promotional offers or simply providing a unique user experience, many individuals are finding it an exciting platform to earn some extra cash. With this in mind, the ability to withdraw money efficiently becomes even more crucial.

In summary, if you're looking to withdraw money from the Underdog Fantasy Sports app, I strongly advise against using Interchecks due to the prolonged processing times reported by viewers. Instead, opt for PayPal, which offers a quicker and more reliable withdrawal method. By utilizing PayPal, you can avoid unnecessary delays and enjoy the benefits of your earnings from the app.

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