Unfortunately it’s really hard to use Umax app for free

Unfortunately, using the Umax app for free has proven to be quite challenging. In order to gain access without paying, users are required to invite three friends and share their unique invite code. This process may seem straightforward at first, as all one needs to do is tap and share the invite code. However, getting three friends to actually use the code when creating an account in the app is where the difficulty lies.

Upon successfully convincing three friends to enter the code during their account creation, users can then tap the "redeem" button. Regrettably, redeeming the invite code seems to be no walk in the park. Many users have reported struggling to successfully redeem the code and invite the required number of people to the app. This has raised questions about whether there are technical glitches preventing users from completing this task or if it is simply incredibly challenging to get people interested in the app.

Despite the obstacles, it is important to note that it is technically possible to use the Umax app for free through this invite system. However, the process is undeniably complex and time-consuming. Those who are not willing to invest significant effort into inviting three people might find it more convenient to opt for the paid version of the app.

Overall, the Umax app presents an interesting concept but falls short when it comes to its free usage option. The requirement to invite three friends and navigate through the challenging redemption process has proven to be a daunting task for many users. Perhaps, in the future, the app developers will reconsider their approach to make it more user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience.

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