Unfortunately, Shuffles app is invite only right now

so when i finally signed up for shuffles app i was like pretty excited it's like yay finally this app is available but then i figured out that ha shuffles is invite only right now and it says my pinterest account is on the white list follow us while you're writing so i have no idea how long this wait list gonna last is it like few months or um yeah how is it gonna work but basically that's uh that's what it is um um so yeah and it's in white only meaning you need to enter your invitation code and it's pretty hard to get one uh so you need to be referred by your friends who are already on this app so if you're already on the app i think you can invite up to five people and that's basically it uh i don't know if this app will be open to everyone soon or sooner rather than later i'm pretty excited to try it out but that's what it is

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