Untitled video

Untitled video

In a recent video, the Labs app introduced a new feature that allows users to easily share shots and express themselves in different ways. By tapping on the "tap" icon located in the bottom right corner, a text box labeled "Express Yourself" appears at the top. Users can simply write a message in this box.

Privacy settings can be adjusted, although the options seem limited. It's unclear if users can truly modify these settings. Additionally, a new feature called "sorts" has been introduced. Sorts are only visible to friends and automatically disappear after a week. Users have the ability to change the duration of this disappearing period, but there is a character limit of 90 characters.

Further details about the sorts feature have not been provided, but it appears to be an experimental addition to the app that allows users to express themselves in more diverse ways compared to snaps. The Labs app is continuously evolving and welcomes user feedback to enhance its platform.

Within the video, a shot is shared to demonstrate how this feature works. Additionally, users can add reactions to the shot if desired. Furthermore, it is possible to delete a shot if necessary.

This new feature seems reminiscent of Twitter, as many companies are now focusing on building text-centric apps. It's certainly an intriguing addition to the Labs app, providing users with more options for self-expression.

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