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Hey, so three ways to get WorldCoin for free, if you're just starting with this app and you don't know what that is. So here is the WorldCoin app, just install this app and, you know, create an account with your email and phone number, add a backup. And then there are three ways. So first one is grants. So every two weeks you receive a free grant with, you know, three WorldCoins, which at current price is more than $20. So every two weeks you do that and you have a deadline until which you need to reserve this grant. You can only claim these grants and withdraw them if you verify with Orb device.

Second way is, in addition to this, you get the official share of WorldCoin if you verify with Orb quite fast. So if you verify with Orb soon enough, you will get additional, for example, 75 WorldCoins or 80 WorldCoins. If you wait and don't verify with Orb, you will lose some of this share and you will get less WorldCoin in the future if you verify late. So that's the second way.

And third way, for some users, not for everyone, they have an opportunity to invite friends. So there is an invite friend button here in the settings where you can just tap on it and then you can invite friends to your WorldCoin app. And for every successful invitation, if that person created a WorldCoin account, you will get additional WorldCoin. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for everyone. I don't know why it's available for some users, not for everyone.

These are like three ways how you can get WorldCoin for free. WorldCoin app is tied to Sam Altman. So this is kind of his coin. And for example, with the new Sora AI model, the price really skyrocketed, as you can see. So this was the price during the last month. This is a nice WorldCoin to consider if you want to get it for free. So yeah, take a look.

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