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so to follow someone in live in live peak app it's super easy you just can go to discovery feed following a world then go to any profile and tap follow so that's how it works you can also obviously block a report someone yeah just s on instagram or tick tock any other social network and that person if that this user follows me back then on this app you have a mutual follow and we become friends and then yeah basically that if i follow this person like the images this person is sharing will appear in my widgets so that's the cool feature of the app it kind of works like instagram so it's a bit different from locket widget or noted widget so if i installed the home screen widget uh like here okay so this is be real but if i tap and hold and i install live in widget i will see the lightest images from this users user who i just followed so that's a cool feature because yeah similar as on instagram you follow an influencer you will see some lightest images in your feed here you will see some latest images just in your widget on the on the home screen so that's that

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