Update: You CAN’t CHANGE PHONE NUMBER in BeReal anymore!

hello everyone so after recent update it's not possible anymore to change phone number in the real app unfortunately um so yeah before how you would do that you just tap on your profile and top right tap into your dots in top right and then go to help contact us and here you will see an option to change the phone number then what would you need to do is just need to fill out your type form and it's like fill some questions and yeah basically I think uh you will need to create a new account with your new phone number then you tell the real what was your previous phone number and then they will try to migrate all your friends and all the data from from previous account to anyone that's basically how you would be able to change the phone number and then you needed to answer some questions stuff like that but uh in a nutshell this option is not available anymore and now if you go to help center uh and then it says I want to move my account to a new phone number it says it's currently not possible to transfer an account to a new number however it's something we are actively working on we'll make sure to update this article article as soon as possible so that's a recent update probably because there was like influx of users like you know like millions of users using be real now and it's super hard to migrate every user to yeah to a new account every time so probably they just got stuck in it like a huge customer support team to do that so maybe you just need some automated solution or something like that um so yeah just make sure to update this article uh check out this article page once in a while or update the real app go see an update release notes maybe it will be possible soon but yeah now this feature is just blocked

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