B-Real App: FULL OVERVIEW, Bonus B-Reals & Adding Music

B-Real, a popular social media app, has recently released a new feature called Bonus B-Real. This features allows users to post multiple B-Reals in a day, as opposed to just one. In this article, we will provide you with a full overview of the Bonus B-Real feature, as well as some hidden tricks that you should know about, including adding music.

Bonus B-Real is a long-awaited feature from B-Real, as many users have requested the ability to post multiple B-Reals in a day. If you post your original B-Real on time, you will have the ability to add two more B-Reals during that same day. However, if you post your B-Real late, you won't be able to access the Bonus B-Real feature. This is B-Real's method of motivating you to be active on the app and post on time.

It's important to note that Bonus B-Reals are subject to the same audience settings as your original B-Real. Updating the audience of your original B-Real will also update the audience of your Bonus B-Reals. As for deleting Bonus B-Reals, you can delete and repost them as many times as you want, but if you delete your original B-Real, you will lose access to the Bonus B-Real feature for the day.

Adding music to your B-Reals is a new feature that has been recently introduced by B-Real. You can now attach songs from Spotify or Apple Music to your B-Real. When you're playing a song in Spotify and create a B-Real, the song will appear under your B-Real. You can also attach a different song to each Bonus B-Real that you create.

One important thing to note is that Bonus B-Reals should be saved in memories. However, it's not yet possible to access them in memories but B-Real has promised to release this feature soon.

In conclusion, Bonus B-Real is a cool new feature that B-Real has released for their users. It's worth giving it a try, especially if you've been a long-term user of the app. While B-Real may not be as popular as Instagram and WhatsApp anymore, it's certainly not too late to enjoy the new features. Explore the Bonus B-Real feature and get creative with it by adding music and creating multiple B-Reals in a day.

If you're curious about the Bonus B-Real feature, you can find more information about it on the B-Real support center. So go ahead, give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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