so here is getter app uh it just went in a lot of news because uh joe rogan let's move to gutter uh jorgen just joined uh like getter app and we will just go through the yes through the this app and that's basically kind of right-wing app so the app for the like more conservative people who are not happy with twitter or something like that um yep so it's kind of looks like twitter here you just have your feet you can see some uh posts by specific people usually this is just people on the right um or like people from the forsk fox news or something like that so if you like this kind of content you can join this app but yeah just be careful here um and this app is yeah kind of facebook or twitter for this audience um and is there is not that much kind of censorship on this app uh because twitter and facebook recently over the last years there is much more kind of like liberal audience there and all the other views it seems seems there are kind of silence there and this is a big issue for you as social media because there is no other uh opinion or other thought about about some events or something like that so anyways here how the app looks like is just your profile similar as you have on twitter you just have your replies you have your media you have your likes you can create a post something like here you can add gif you can add yeah image you just can send the post then you can just you can see you can read it uh you have also comments under reports you can have likes you can repost quote post you can share it there are three dots you can pin the post to your profile or you can just delete it um yeah so that's your account here you can tap on edit profile have your website as a profile picture if you're not happy you can delete your account or log out from here you can add your phone change your username so all the like basic settings of the of the twitter but the thing is this app is sometimes going viral just because of the audience it has of the different profiles and recently joe rogan joined getter so if you search for joe rogan [Music] yeah you can just follow him or you just need to search for verified account uh so for example if i just go to my profile i just forgot how it works here so then uh yeah you can just go here and this is the feed where you can just uh yeah you can see here's post you can see all the recent content from from joe dragon [Music] and yeah so something like that i think also he all his previous content from uh from twitter uh is kind of migrated here as i understand it maybe not but yep that's basically the overview of the app [Music] you also have live videos which you can view now there are some live views there are people and there are trending events so something something like that uh that's the app basically it's very simplified but yeah it just does the job of replacing twitter in this right-wing area so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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