Updated Truth Social app - quick overview

The updated Truth Social app has become the talk of the town lately. As a social media platform created by former U.S. President Donald Trump, it is considered as an alternative to Twitter and several other applications.

To help you navigate this app better, here is a quick tutorial on how to use it. The app's interface closely resembles the view of Twitter, where you can comment, share, and like contents. The app doesn't refer to its posts as tweets, but rather truths.

To mention, mute, block, report, and recently message, just click on the account profiles. The message feature is relatively new, allowing users to message others directly from the app.

To compose a truth, there is a  limit of 500 characters, but you can add an image. By clicking on "Discover," you will see trending topics and suggested profiles to follow. The app will display alerts, mentions, and follow-up activities.

To message other users, search for those who allow messages. If someone you follow wants to message you, ensure you set up your preferences with that option.

To customize your profile, from the main menu, you can set up preferences such as allowing users you follow to start a new chat with you. You can also adjust notifications and other settings such as video auto-plays, app appearance, and 2FA.

To delete your account, go to "Settings" and confirm before the account is permanently deleted.

To post something, either add a photo or choose from your gallery, video or polls. The app is user-friendly, giving you a clean interface and smooth browsing experience.

The Truth Social app has some great features that are worth checking out. You can message other users, customize your profile, and post various types of content. Give the app a try and let us know what you think!

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