Upgrading to premium in Chai app

here is chai app and let's try to upgrade to premium so if you want to get premium just tap on your profile tab in top right and then you can tap get premium also here they have a free trial in the annual subscription so let's check it out how it looks like and then i just tap continue to premium it's 134 per year and then you can see that there is a three-day free trial um so yep you still have three days free where you can check check all these features out and actually if you cancel it uh after two days so just just before today's end you yeah you can out cancel it uh but of course if you cancel after three days i think you will be charged so that's just the official apple policy of the premium subscription that's that's how it works and yep that's the idea i think they recently added free trial so use this opportunity also there is a monthly option 13.99 per month there is no weekly option at this moment

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