Uptime: 5 min Books & Courses - APP OVERVIEW

here's interesting app which is called uptime five minute books and courses so let's just open it up and uh let's see why it's getting popular um so bringing you our 3000 of the best books courses podcasts and documentaries in five minutes summaries so here let's just create an account and then you need to select three topics so then there is a pop-up for uh for a paid version uh unlimited insights from books yeah so you can see and then we can just check out all plants so 55.99 yearly or 1999 monthly and then there is three day free trial and then they want to upgrade you to uh yeah too in my own newsletter so here's you can see different books and then you can just basically see this uh summaries of the books and then basically you can see some citations uh quotations uh um import interesting books and then just you know summaries and uh yeah here you can see like the whole idea of this app is like if you if you don't have time to read like 500 pages books this is one of the top apps to have a quick summary of the book and like get main ideas from the book and then if you like that of course you can buy the book or you can go full in in the book and then you can read you can you can watch or you can listen so there are so many forms in which you can enjoy this like condensed short form content so that's amazing because i've seen other apps where uh it's like audio version a small audio version of that book or you know like the text version here for some titles there is video audio and text here you can browse and select all the topics then you can select sparks create your own board probably with some quotations from from from book titles you can add you can add some insights from these books so yeah imagine you are leading reading some like personal gross personal development books you you found some some interesting insight and then you can just add all the sparks here to this board then then here is your uptime you can see your stats and then there is premium so that's basically how it works and yep that's basically it is that's that's the app you can easily delete your account if you're not happy if it is the app so that's a cool feature so yeah this app is not yet you know like in the top charts of the app store but it's getting there it was just featured in the popular apps uh section on the on the us app store so i just figured okay i will do a quick overview for you so in case you are considering should i use this app or not this is this is for your video to just understand how it works overall yeah i would really recommend this app because you know like time span these days is very short and you know people don't have that much time to read like you know 300 pages books unless this is like really important books they want to dedicate much time to and stuff like that so this kind of like summary apps are getting more and more popular and this is one of them

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