Vellum Wallpapers app - how to use?

The Vellum Wallpapers app is a new and exciting way to customize your lock screen and home screen backgrounds. With a wide range of high-resolution wallpapers and unique features, this app stands out from the hundreds of wallpaper apps available. Whether you're looking for a summer-themed image or a blurred wallpaper, Vellum has got you covered.

Installing the Vellum Wallpapers app is a breeze. Simply tap the "Get" button and then double click to install. Once installed, you'll have access to hundreds of handcrafted high-resolution wallpapers. The app also offers a preview feature, allowing you to see how the wallpaper will look on both your lock screen and home screen.

One of the standout features of Vellum is the quality of its images. The app offers stunning visuals that truly make your device stand out. Additionally, Vellum allows notifications, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest wallpapers. You can explore daily wallpapers, the best of 2022, vacation-themed wallpapers, and more.

Navigating through the wallpapers is made easy with swipe gestures. You can swipe left and right to scroll through the wallpapers and swipe down to return to the thumbnail view. Once you find a wallpaper you like, you can save it and make adjustments such as adjusting the blur effect. This allows you to customize the wallpaper to suit your preferences.

When you're ready to set a wallpaper, simply go to your device settings, select "Wallpaper," and tap on the wallpaper option. From there, you can choose the wallpaper you saved in the Vellum app or explore other options in your device's photo library.

While the app provides a wide variety of wallpapers, it also offers premium features for those looking for an enhanced experience. With a one-time purchase of $3, you can upgrade to Vellum Premium, which removes ads and provides access to the previous four weeks of daily wallpapers. This purchase not only enhances your experience but also supports the app's continued development.

Overall, the Vellum Wallpapers app offers a refreshing take on customizable wallpapers. From funky and artistic collections to seasonal themes, there is something for everyone. If you're tired of generic wallpapers and want to add a touch of personality to your device, give Vellum a try.

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