so here is one app and if you tap on your profile in the bottom or if you want to tap to share it you can share how do you feel so basically that's the whole idea of that that you can share your emotions here you have the least bright confident constructive determined hopeful hyped motivated optimistic peppy productive safe strong thankful if you want to unlock all emotions you can just do it here but there you have it so you can just tap and then you can just write something and change the if you want to share public private just your diary on mutual listeners and then you can just tap went okay so there is some issue here with the app but anyhow usually it's working um might be recently because maybe there is like a search of users because it's this app is trending again recently and also here you can browse through emotions so just you know all types of feelings you can just go through them and that's the idea and then uh yeah you can just uh that's the the idea of the app that this is like a community where you share your feelings and so it's like so you can see here that recently this app is getting uh in up in popularity and the whole idea is that you share your feelings so you're not just sharing some forest or some other stuff so that's the whole idea that you try to land like something happened to you you have some emotions and then you're just trying to vent and like ventilate and you know just share your emotion here and that's basically how it works so you can invite people you can add friends here you can chat then you can just message people for some reason this app is like super buggy right now it doesn't really work properly uh i don't know and then here you have feed you have latest you have groups and that's the the idea of it so yeah that's how this app is working that's the main feature other than that of course it's very similar to like twitter or any other social media app and then also here you have some additional filters which you can disk which you can unlock and let's cost 299 per month so yep something around it hope it is helpful

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