in this tutorial we're gonna go through interesting app which is called verify and this app can simplify uh your life a lot uh there are different uh like types of this app but you need to select uh this one so let's check out the logo and the developer and yeah this is the app which can store uh like digital uh security digital credential for a faster return to save in person experience by enabling less contact more speed and more confidence so while traveling uh this app still can help a lot uh you know because to avoid a lot of contacts and a lot of documents and store everything in your phone it just makes travel contact less and more cypher to you and stuff like that so i just created another video around like how to create an account so that's pretty straightforward you enter your name email address you take a selfie with the neutral expression and then you confirm your email that's it so you don't need to do any additional stuff so that's basically how it works then basically here is a dashboard and you can add these types of documents you can add a flight you can add crews you can add event add other or you can just add qr codes so if you want to add the flight here you have a collection of flies to all countries and for example you want to go to australia you just tap add then it appears on your home screen here you see all the all the documents you need to travel to some places and it's really handy in this app it just explains everything which are the requirements in this new world like uh like yeah what you need like which vaccines and stuff like that so it's super handy because you don't need to go to some other websites and check it out but of course you need to be careful with what you read because this app cannot be the the latest source of information always double check either of these like some web official websites uh official authorities websites then you need to give some consent here and then you just tap continue and then you just select an airline you can select uh like departing uh you can select like uh this is all just test details and then yeah this is just like a test information to show in the video and then for example you can add a companion and that's it you can there you have it so now that's in your trip and then you have you have your pass you can view your pass here you can manage documents for your pass and then uh there you have it so you can manage trip uh just tap here you can view pass stuff like that so yeah this is just like a test information i'm not flying there but this is just to show you how it this app might work and then you just add these passes of course people would say like of course you have like a wallet app where you can scan qr codes and stuff like that this is different here you can scan qr codes for the flight apps and then add new as you can see scan qr code you only need to have very fly qr code you can't just have like regular flight code then as well you can add crews you can just select different lines and different types uh you can add events some events you can add other departures and stuff like that then you also can have messages um you can add companion stand there are some of your documents which you can add then there are settings you can always get in touch with them and and and reach out for the support requests and stuff like that you can change your team you can delete your account easily so that can be helpful yep and that's basically the app so pretty handy app it's getting popular in in specific countries especially when this travel renews during summer or during holidays and a lot of airports or some authorities require some kind of app and this is one of the apps which you can use now probably there will be more and more features but this is how it looks like right now hope this is helpful

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