Viggle AI dance - app

Here's an app called Viggle AI Dance - The app is built by developer Tamara Tran. There is also a website called wiggle.a, which allows users to transform their photos into moving videos.

To use the app:

  1. Upload your full body photo.
  2. Select a dance.
  3. The app will transform your photo into a dance on their website wiggle.a.

The process involves uploading a complete body photo and selecting a dance move. The app then generates a video based on the input. It seems that twerk.a is a separate website offering similar functionalities.

The concept behind Viggle AI Dance - is to create fun videos by transforming static photos into dynamic dances. Users need to provide a clear, full-body photo to get accurate results. The app offers an interactive way to bring photos to life through dance moves.

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