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Vinted app - top second-hand marketplace app. Try it!
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So let's talk about Vinted app. It recently appeared in the top chart in the app store, and they have just updated an app.

I think it was available for a while, just in us or something, something like that. But now it's expanding to Canada and also to okay, so other way around. Sorry guys, it was just a while ago in Europe, but now it's expanding to Canada and Vinted raised 303,000,000 for its second hand closing marketplace, used by 45 million and now valued at 4.5 billion. I just recently downloaded the app and I did a quick app overview on my YouTube channel misterhack. The app feels really smooth and easy to use.

I think it's actually amazing app. I'm surprised and haven't heard about it before. Basically, if you have some old closing, you can sell it via this app. Of course they shouldn't be like super use. But for example, if you bought some sneakers, running them two times or something and you can't return them anymore, sometimes you can sell it, and you can also find some really good closing there on the app, just for the fraction of the price.

Some good brands, especially in Europe, where some closing can be really expensive, like you can pay hundreds of dollars for some simple closing. Then it can be a really nice way to spend less on closing, especially for a student or something like that. And this is a European start up.

So that's also really cool. It's nice to see some European startups raising so much money now it's one of the largest players in that system, the closest and home goods marketplace.

So the funding was back in May when they raised 303,000,000. It's been led by equity Gross Axel Border principal investment in five Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners in Sprint Capital and founded out of Philly 20 in 2008. Winters has operation across 13 markets, France Gearman in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, UK and the US. And we'll be using funding to double down on that to move to other markets. For example, just move to Canada so that's I think the great idea.

Voila Poop Pop is another second hand swapping marketplace out of Spain. Recently raised 191,000,000, but the last 18 months have been challenging, Sierra said flatly in the interview.

Company actually halted operation altogether, gathered for around the first two months of the pan damage hit in Europe in order to figure out how to proceed with the marketplace while people keeping people code safe and not violating any rules in post on activities in different markets. But then it seems it's bounced back. It's still not available, for example, in Denmark, so I tried to use it in Denmark. I'm not sure how to work like this delivery, so you can see some closing, for example, from France, but how to order it.

So it delivers to Denmark.

It's still like a question. So that's that but definitely try out this app in the App Store description. It has 4.9 out of five average rating and the respond 119K ratings. So that's just amazing. Very rarely you can see the apps which have such high reviews.

Because definitely, especially in Denmark. I can still be so expensive. But if you just go on the app, you can see that someone probably bought some bag. They don't really need it. Probably they don't want to return.

I don't know the return term one away and then just sell it for like, half of the price. And it's still like a new thing. So yeah, you can just use the app. And there is like a community super huge market, especially in Europe.

So there you have it that's the app. Definitely check it out. It's.

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